Seriously, I’m not mad - even after being diagnosed in 2007 with a quick-moving, invasive breast cancer. Even after initial treatments were no cake walk…
Project Completed 1983 & again in March 2020

January 2023

I want to explain the part of treatment I’ve been doing since November 2021 - the drugs. But cancer drugs are not sparkly and there’s not a fun story to…
Quilt Completed December 2021
One of the things that can be an issue for cancer in the bone is that the tumor munching away at bone can cause weakness to the affected bone and that…

December 2022

Quilt Completed December 2020
In July of 2020, I had a non-cancer-related appointment with my cardiologist which resulted in a referral to get my calcium score and imaging of heart…
In my head, 2010 doesn’t seem so long ago, but somehow 12 years have passed in what feels like moments. I think most of us feel that way about time…

June 2022

Sharing What I Love

February 2022

Quilt Completed February 2022

December 2019

When I go home to my mom and dad's in Wisconsin, I try to make time to run up to a sweet quilt shop about 20 miles from them in Plover, called…

April 2019

With hopes of quelling anxiety and providing comfort, this counselor's office offers a weighted blanket to his clients during therapy sessions…