In 2017, I founded Popcorn and Patchouli because I wanted to share parts of my life that I love.

Popcorn and Patchouli strives to be respectful, positive and gentle even when facing some of life’s more daunting tasks.  I’ve been through a lot and learned so much about myself since those life-changing words, “You have cancer,” hit my ears back in the spring of 2007.  One of my biggest takeaways is that cancer is merely a part of my WHOLE life’s story.

Simply said – I’ve done a lot of living before and after being diagnosed to let cancer suddenly overshadow all those moments.  I’m reminded that I have the power of choice in almost everything I think and do – now that’s EMPOWERING! 

So take a look at what I’ve been up to (mostly quilting and taking pictures of my cats). I’ve also included my thoughts as I dealt with a cancer diagnosis in 2007 and how I’m dealing with a recurrence of that cancer (circa October 2021).

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Sharing What I Love